Brunei Marathon Swim

Brunei Marathon Swim

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Brunei Marathon Swim
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Event Overview

The Brunei Marathon Swim is the first international open water swimming marathon in Brunei Darussalam that will give individuals the exposure and the opportunity to compete with international swimmers.


Results for each participant in the Brunei Marathon Swim 2018 can now be viewed here


The event will feature the following categories:

10 km Open Category
Male and female

5 km Open Category
Male and female

2.5 km Open Category
Male and female

1.5 km Open Category
Male and female

*Open Category: Races are open to all athletes regardless of nationality or country of residence, and athletic status (professionals, national athletes or amateurs).

All categories have top 3 podium winners, with the exception, Top 3 National swimmers will receive podium awards for the 2.5km and 1.5km.

Swimming Routes for each category of the race can be found here


  • To register for the following event, please follow the instructions here
  • Each participant must follow the Rules and Regulations of the Event which can be read here  and failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Participants are also entitled to special discount to a room at Mulia Hotel, Brunei and participants wishing to book a hotel room can download the booking form here and submit it to
  • By registering to this event, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this event.
*Each participant under the Age of 18 must fill in a waiver form which can be found here.
 Failure to submit a waiver form before the date of the event will result in an incomplete registration.

For any inquiries regarding the event please contact TRI3BN at or +6737221177


Cut-off Time

The cut off time for each category are as follows:
10km – 5hr cut off
5km – 2hr 30mins
2.5K – 2hr 30mins
1.5K – 1hour 30min



  1. Instructions
  2. Rules and Regulations
  3. Terms and Conditions
  4. Waiver Form
  5. Race Route
  6. Race Info (New)


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